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Monday, 22 September 2014

5 Signs He'll Be Good In Bed

So you've got a new beau and you're trying to decide if you should take your budding bond to the next level... in the bedroom. Sure, he's hot and the scenes playing out in your head make you want to high tail it to your place. But is this guy really sex-mate material?
Great sex, at least the kind you want to have more than once with the same person, isn't just about having skills. That kind of hotness between the sheets grows cold fast. Really memorable partners are all about tuning into your needs and being willing to please in all the right places.

Thankfully, there are some signs that your new love interest is worthy of becoming your next lover. Let's see if your new hunk looks promising for the role.
1: He's a Gentleman
In love and sex, it's the small things that matter. Does he open doors for you, pull out your chair, call to check in about your day, remember to ask about your big work project? All are signs that he's thinking about you. If he's a thoughtful gentleman out of the bedroom, you can bet that treatment will continue once the lights are out.
2: He Knows How to Touch You
Guys who are into sex purely for sex's sake often save touching for one purpose, to score. A great lover is one who values sensuality both in and out of the bedroom. So if you're seeing a guy who touches your hand across the table at dinner, feels the small of your back as you walk through a hallway or holds your hand as you stroll through the park... that guy will know how to touch all of you.
3: It's Not Always About Him
For some men, it's always about them. What happened in their day, where they want to eat and what movie they want to see. Can you see where this is heading? But a guy who asks you about your day first, goes to your favorite restaurant even if he's not a huge fan of that type of food... or cuddles on the couch for a chick-flick? Now that guy will make your happiness a priority both in and out of bed!
4: He's Not in a Rush
Guys who are more interested in your body than in you, well, they want to get in the sack in a rush. Join him there too quick and you'll be a flash in his pan. A man who is truly interested in being your lover knows that you are worth a little wait. He actually wants to savor the build up because he plans on sticking around. So, if he says, "Let's wait" or "I'm not in a rush," know that he's willing to invest in his lovemaking.
5: He Makes You Feel Beautiful
Mind blowing sex is all about feeling free to be your uninhibited self because you know that your partner appreciates you. The kind of man who will make you feel that way is free with his compliments -- building you up with each little thing he notices about you that he likes. Even the way he looks at you will make you feel smart, sexy and attractive. That kind of chemistry smolders in bed and bursts into flame.

How does your guy stack up? By paying attention to how he treats you out of bed, you'll be clued into how he's apt to treat you in bed. If all systems are a go, he just might make your next best lover.
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

10 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Sex isn't all that complicated. It's a biological urge, something we should all know how to do just by instinct, but any woman who has been with a man fumbling around to unhook her bra and appear so suave at the same time also knows perfectly well that it isn't.
It seems a lifetime of porn and bad advice from older brothers has rendered men incapable of knowing what we like sexually. We ladies aren't doing ourselves any favors by being afraid to speak up. Endurance is overrated (Yes! Yes! Yes!) and "we actually know what will get us to orgasm." Indeed.
So, for you poor guys who are still in the dark, I have asked around and compiled a list of the10 things we wish you guys knew about sex (and about us). Here they are:
1. Boobs = attached: Yes, they're pretty and cool, but much like your testicles, they ARE attached. There is no reason to push and pull and twist to prove anything.
2. Use your tongue: When you have your head in our nether regions, forget everything you learned in porn. Sticking your face in and shaking like a wet dog is not hot. Repeat: NOT HOT.
3. Foreplay: Everything you have heard about women needing more than five seconds before you take the plunge? Is TRUE. Dude, our engines need revving. We don't enjoy the gas being hit too quickly. Remember this, please, for the love of god.
4. Stop asking us: There are few things more annoying than being in the throes of passion and having some overeager partner who keeps asking, "Are you gonna come?" Dude, it's great that you care about our pleasure, but we'll let you know. But you just lost a minute to your overeager questioning. Any more and we will have to cancel it altogether.

5. Lube it, love it: It doesn't mean you failed, but if you want to play around, use some lube to get things started. No, many women don't appreciate fingers being pushed into them at a rapid pace (aka "finger banging"), but they may try it with some lube. Without it? Ouch!
6. You aren't 15: Honking, motor-boating, and other adolescent boy behavior is simply not hot. Yes, it's fun to laugh during sex, but we don't need to be exposed to you acting a fool. We graduated from high school for a reason.
7. Cold hands = bad: There is nothing worse than getting all hot and heavy and having your hands be freezing on our skin. Get some blood flowing! Put on circulation gloves! You'll be rewarded.
8. Don't try to impress us: We can tell when you're trying to be "smooth." The one-handed bra trick? Doesn't do it for us. Focus that energy on doing what comes naturally.
9. All women are different: Casual sex is casual for a reason. You don't really have mind-blowing sex with a guy who is fumbling about for the right way to touch you. For that, you need someone who knows (and cares) what you like. So take the time to learn us. We promise you'll be glad you did.
10. Don't be afraid of sex toys: We may not bring it up, but if you bring a vibrator to bed, we WILL thank you. Promise.
It may seem like women need to speak up and you know what? You're right! We do. If we want better sex, we need to be comfortable saying these things. Communication is the key to better sex. So remember to open your mouth and talk, too.
What do you wish men knew?

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ladies: Here Are 30 things You Can Do With A Naked Man

How do you turn him on? Oh, let us count the ways. Consider this your must – do list of sex tips to tease, squeeze, and totally please your guy!
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1. Sneak Up Behind Him
Blow his mind with this sneaky move: Stand behind him and stroke his penis. This positions your palm flat against his member’s sensitive underside, the same way he grips it when he masturbates. Then do a few things he can’t do himself, like whisper in his ear or kiss his back.
2. Get Naked Too
There’s a good chance that your guy has never feasted his eyes on your completely bare body for more than a few seconds. Maybe it’s because you undress quickly in a passion frenzy or your bodies are too close for him to really take you in. But letting him stare at you in the buff is a surefire libido trigger.
3. Let Him Be an Animal
Initiate a primal move that fuels his frisky craving. Give him an animalistic challenge by having standing sex. Let him hold you up against the wall with your legs wrapped around his lower back. He’ll be in the aggressor role since he’s holding you up with his arms and lower body, and he also gets the visual thrill of watching your breasts bounce during the act.
4. Break Out the Blindfold
Once you have him going crazy not knowing where your next lick, kiss, or stroke will land, treat your blindfolded boy to a slew of new sensations. Three to try: the feel of your hair, silk panties, or a string of pearls rubbed gently against his member.
5. Climb on Top
The majority of the dudes we polled in our most recent sex survey picked woman-on-top as their number-one nooky style. Bonus: This position can be very intimate since your faces are touching and you can slide your arms around each other so you’re super close. It’s also a great method for delaying his orgasm a little longer.
6. Take a Sensual Shower
Steam up your bathroom mirror by standing this close together in the shower. Add the water pouring over you, and this is a perfect position for lots of wet, passionate kissing. You can also gaze into each other’s eyes, further boosting the intimacy factor.
7. Find His G-Spot
A guy’s prostate — the walnut-size gland under his bladder — is the ultimate magic button to push if you want to blow his mind in bed. To tantalize it, partway through oral sex or intercourse, rest two fingers against the swath of skin between his testicles and anus.
8. Give Him a New Number
No doubt, you’re intimately acquainted with 69. Now may we introduce you to 77? The number refers to the way you and your partner’s bodies look when they meld together in this side-entry position. The unique angling practically guides his, uh, missile to your G-spot.
9. Find a New Favorite Spot
Steam things up at home by moving outside the bedroom and doing it on top of a sturdy table, kitchen counter, bathroom sink, or the hood of a car parked in your garage.
10. Massage His Backside
Take oral sex to a whole new level by caressing his butt cheeks as you’re going down on him. Double his pleasure with the synchronized motions that lets you control the pacing.
11. Turn Him into a Buffet
Incorporating food into your passion play is a classic carnal activity. Take a few of your favorite erotically appealing flavor combinations, like peanut butter and honey or whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and mix up yummy treats all over his body.
12. Boss Him Around
Tell him want you want him to do without saying a word. Wrap your hand around one of his fingers or his penis, and when he does something you particularly like, give a squeeze.
13. Give Him a Peep Show
Turn your attention downstairs for some self-stimulation and leave the invitation open for him to take over. Whether he joins in or not, guys love to watch, so it’s a win-win situation.
14. Make Him Beg
Kiss and lick your way down his torso, stopping short of his penis, then give him a smile and work your way back up. Repeat several times until he begs for mercy.
15. Treat Him to Don’t-Lift-a-Finger Sex
Indulge him with low-maintenance sex (where all he has to do is unzip his fly, if that) by sliding onto his lap in reverse cowgirl position with your hands balanced on his thighs for support. Much like doggie-style, he’ll be able to revel in watching your tush and touching your breasts — but without expending any lower-body energy.
16. Talk Dirty to Him
Start off with a purr or an mmmm, or simply breathe heavily. Then up the erotic ante by whispering, “So…what do you want to do now?”
17. Make Him Long for Your Lips
A fabulous kiss is an intricate balancing act involving tongue technique, pressure control, and moistness monitoring. Invade his space with a tantalizing kiss-me telegram.
18. Play No-Hands Nooky
Tell him to keep his hands to himself. You can explore each other’s bodies with your lips, tongues, and breath.
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19. Taunt Him
A little torture builds a man’s anticipation so that when you finally do pounce, every touch is extra delicious. As things get going, pull your thong aside for him to enter you. You’ll drive him crazy because he can’t see every last inch of your body.
20. Enlighten Him
Tantra is the exotic art of prolonging your passion to reach new levels of satisfaction. Launch your night of lust by gently massaging his ear with your fingertips, working your way down the outer fold. Then run your pinkie along the crease where his ear connects to his head and ever-so-slowly prod the middle of his sexually susceptible inner ear with the tip of your tongue.
21. Get Dirty with Him in the Tub
A soak in the tub always feels incredible, but the sensual thrills quadruple when you invite your man in for some rub-a-dub action. Take turns slowly lathering each other up with a soft, natural sea sponge, tracing slow, sexy circles around your breasts, belly, and inner thighs, and get ready to fog up the mirror.
22. Tie Him Up
Even a plain scarf can make him see stars if you use the right technique. Take a long silk wrap, place it around his main man and the boys, and tie it in a large square knot, leaving about a foot of fabric on either end to hold on to. As you’re riding him, pull on the free ends so that the knot rubs against your clitoris.
23. Imply That He’s a Stud
Spark his ego by letting him know you want him sexually with a coy compliment. Letting him in on your longing for him jump-starts his own desire.
24. Make Him Hot, Then Cold
Cooling off your guy’s steamy body actually gets him hotter. Make his satisfaction skyrocket by turning him on to deliciously unexpected strokes, pressure, and temperature changes. Try the classic ice-cube trick to make him shiver with excitement. Have him lie on his back, hold a cube in your hand, and slowly draw an icy line from his neck all the way down his body.
25. Seduce Him
Be direct by saying something like “I want to have sex with you.” The straightforward approach is not merely about saving time (although it does have a way of cutting to the chase), it’s about giving yourself the opportunity to display extreme sexual confidence, to advertise yourself as a person who assumes that whatever she wants, she can have.
26. Toy with Him
Stock up on some sex toys. Velvet-lined handcuffs can be exciting, and they don’t hurt like the metal ones do. And you can never go wrong with a vibrator. Ask him to buzz it against your clitoris or tell him simply to sit back and watch you handle it.
27. Rev Him Up for Round 2
Your mattress moves are sizzling enough for a sequel! Lead him back to the sweet spot by telling him how good he makes you feel. And, this time your orgasm will be even hotter.
28. Let Him Climb on Top
Spice up missionary style and feel super deep penetration by drawing your knees toward your chest and grasping the back of your thighs. You can also place the soles of your feet on his chest or, if you’re really flexible, prop your ankles or legs up on his shoulders.
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29. Play Rough
Guys tend to be tougher than us, so feel free to manhandle. Pinch his nipples (an often-overlooked nerve center), scratch your nails down his back, or massage his chest.
30. Make It a Quickie
Once you've launched his rocket in five minutes flat, he’ll be willing to do just about anything for you.
(Source: Cosmopolitan  Image Source: Daily Mail)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Guarantee She Reaches Orgasm With These Two Tricks

Part one 
Sex is a wonderful thing - I haven't met a person yet who would dispute this. Everybody loves sex, whether they like talking about it openly or not. One of the reasons you're reading this is because you enjoy sex and you would like to enjoy it more and have your partner enjoy it more. For all you males reading this, wouldn't you like to be known around town as the greatest !**@! of all time? Or husbands and men in steady relationship - wouldn't you like your woman to be amazed at your new found sexual knowledge and have her beg you for more sex? Sex can be the greatest pleasure a person can ever experience - or a major disappointment. 
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Surveys have shown that 75% of women fake orgasm every time, 15% faked it most of the time and about 9.5% said they occasionally faked it. Which leaves about 0.5% who said they never faked it. I know most of you men out there will find this hard to believe, but it's true. 

Women, by faking orgasms, are missing out on one of the most pleasurable experiences imaginable - but so are their partners. You will realize the difference once you have read this playgal exclusive article. Both the male and females sexual pleasure increases to unbelievable new heights once you know how to bring a woman to an orgasm every time. Your woman will want you as never before - she will never want or need another man. And girls, if you want to have better sex, then teach your man what I am about to tell you. 

Most men I have met were anxious to learn how to satisfy women during sex. Each man I interviewed I asked 'what do you think makes a woman orgasm most during intercourse?' most responses were along the lines of: 
'just putting my penis inside her gets her excited' - it may get your partner excited but it is not enough - nowhere near enough. 
'She just loves me ramming her hard' - this is so far from the truth it is ridiculous! 
'!**@! her fast' - wrong! 

It is generally easy for men to become sexually aroused because his sexual organs are on the outside of the body and are easily stimulated. Men that are unfit mentally or physically can sometimes take longer to arouse, as do men that are bored with their partners. Do you know the main reason men get bored with their partners sexually? Could it be that the woman herself is bored because she is not getting sexual pleasure and therefore doesn't seem interested in sex as much? Sex would get boring if the pleasure is all one sided, don't you think guys? Imagine having sex every few days and never reaching an orgasm. Doesn't sound like much fun does it? 
Some men can get a woman worked into a sexual frenzy during foreplay, but then when it comes to intercourse, the momentum doesn't continue and in most cases, both the man and woman don't know what is wrong. Then the woman finally pretends to have an orgasm because she wants the whole event to be over to end the boredom and/or pain. 

If a man doesn't know how to handle intercourse properly the woman will become bored and unsatisfied in the relationship, and look for other options. Most women will tell their men everything is great - just to keep them feeling like a man. The men usually are unsuspecting that there is a problem. But guys, it's not your fault - you're a man; how could you possibly know what it feels like? Only a woman really knows how to satisfy a woman. Only a woman knows the physical sensations of a woman's body. Most women don't like talking about it with their partners because it may make them feel less manly. 

Most literature is written about rough, ramming and hard sex, so why would anyone think sex should be different - most women think this is the way to have sex too. But I’m going to help you and your partner enjoy sex to its maximum.

Tease your partner first 
Women like affection. They like to have their bodies gently caressed. Imagine yourself lying totally naked and 100% relaxed with hands slowly and gently touching your body. Try running your fingertips gently, so gentle you are barely touching your body along the inside of your own arm down to your hand. It tickles a bit but it feels nice, even if it feels like you need to scratch it a little. 
When making love with your partner you need to give their body a desire. Gently run your fingertips all over her body barely touching the skin. Do this for 3-4 minutes without touching the breasts or clitoris then slowly work your way up to her breasts but don’t touch her nipples. Circle her breasts with the palms of your hands and fingertips. You can occasionally kiss gently around her breasts but don't touch her nipples yet - touch below and above them but not on them. This will start to drive her crazy - you have created a desire for you to touch her nipples. You are not giving her something she wants. After a few minutes of teasing her very very softly, touch her nipples. Then continue to circle the nipples gently with your fingers then gently lick once or twice next to each nipple but not on it. 
You are in total control - she is being driven insane by now. You have created an excitement and desire within her sexual being. Now when you feel she is ready - she will let you know it is time to move on to the next step. 
it is important not to weaken and begin to grope and paw at her breasts and body and do not touch her clitoris in this teasing phase - it will only turn her off. The purpose is to create a want. Don't weaken - stay in control, this is only the warm-up for great love making. 

Part two 
Ready for action! 
Now, you're both ready to go . You're hard and ready, and she's giving you that look that says she wants it. You just want to plunge straight in - and she's cheering you on. Don't do it! 
You haven't gone to all this effort to blow it all now, pardon the pun. Now - you've got to really start torturing her.
Touch your penis to the lips of her clitoris . Gently. Softly rub your penis over her clit, letting her know it's there, ready to enter. If you want it to. You are now completely in charge, and in total control of the situation. You're going to tease her until she screams for you to put it in! 
Now, she's asking you to put it in. But you don't. Keep teasing. She asks more urgently. You still don't. You are in control, and she's loving it - not knowing when you're going to enter! Keep teasing, gently rubbing, even if she does scream for you to put it in. 
Only when she begins building towards orgasm do you move it further in . Just half an inch or so, very slowly, in and out. After a little while (staying in control!) move it slowly in a full inch. Gradually, keep increasing the amount you put it in, until it's almost the whole length. 
Remember, if you enter the entire length - ram it in - you will make contact with her clit, and this we don't want; the object is to tease her, make her want you to thrust all the way. The longer you tease her, and yourself, the more intense your orgasms will be. 
The point of surrender now, she's quivering with desire. Speed up a little - not to ramming speed though - and it'll push her over the edge. She may scream, she may call at your name (hopefully!) or she may just whimper softly - but you'll know you've given her an orgasm. But keep going! Keep moving in and out, faster now; she'll orgasm again - more quickly now, with no need for teasing. You can speed up even more if you wish (and can) - but don't resort to 'ramming' her hard. 
She may have several more orgasms. Or only one more. Two to five is the norm, and this may be the first one she's had in a long time! If you've been able to keep going past the first one, that's great . But even if you cum now, it will be one of the deepest and most incredible orgasms you yourself have ever had. 
Refine your technique; try to make yourself hold off longer and longer. It will enrich the sexual experience for both you and your partner. 
Note to part 2: 
if you're both adventurous - and really willing to torture each other, wait until the point of orgasm and stop - dead. Withdraw, and lie down beside her. Then resume again later that or the next day. The anticipation will peak, until the next time you'll both be ready with hardly any teasing! 
(SOURCE: ehealthforum)
And here is a bonus video

Saturday, 26 July 2014

7 Ways To Get Her To Absolutely Like You

Want a girl to like you? Forget everything else the web has told you and concentrate on these 7 killer methods. They will ease your work when it comes to getting that girl you like.
1. Don’t be needy
Most guys are single because they unintentionally give off a needy vibe when around attractive girls. Get your own life; don’t cling to a girl like plastic wrap. No girl wants to be clinged to unless it’s for the wrong reasons like being insecure or control freaks. So avoid getting into the friend zone. This does not however mean that you play hard to get. Just avoid desperation.
2. Forget making a girl comfortable, build attraction first.
Do not try to make a girl comfortable immediately you meet. Do this and they will see you as just a friend. Woe unto you if this happens. It will be very hard for the girl to see you as anything else but a friend later on. So build attraction first. Have fun and relax in her presence. Act confident, cool and calm for a change and things will go with the flow.
3. Talk
Lonely guys have one thing in common; they never talk. Well, if you want to get a girl to like you, you have to start talking. Girls view talkative guys as being more attractive. Don’t be a blabbermouth though. Make sure the girl is interested in whatever you are talking about and is actually listening to you.
4. Chivalry is not dead
Practice chivalry. It’s very rare nowadays and if a girl is attracted to you, add chivalry to the equation. Bring her some flowers; hold open doors; small things like that will get you a long way with the girl you like.
5. Groom yourself
Put more effort in your grooming. Clean up your hair, clothes and make sure you smell good. Iron out your clothes, keep your hair neat etc. and these things will make sure you are ahead of the competition.
6. Be positive
Have positive energy around you at all times. Show the girl you are a positive person and be an exciting person to be around. If you are positive, you will draw the girls to you like a magnet. Girls want to be around a guy who is positive and fun. It’s not hard to be positive, just flash on a bright smile and rid yourself of any negative emotions.
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7. Be confident
Girls love a positive guy. Take control of situations and show that alpha male personality. Step up and show the girl that you can provide for her anything she wants or needs in life.
It’s not hard to seduce and get that girl you want. Small things are what matter. Trust me. Watch this video and get some more tips. On a serious note.

What do you think guys? Have any of these ever worked for you?

Friday, 25 July 2014

Ladies, These 8 Tips Will Make You Irresistible

1. Be Confident
Tap into your inner beauty. When you look and feel your best, guys sense your confidence and trust me this is good. Talk confidently. When nervous, you talk in a high pitch and fast, but when confident, you show how cool and collected you are (please don’t show him you are nervous no matter how much your stomach flips). Walk with confidence too and try and get the all-eyes-on-me strut. You know, arch your back and have arms at your side.
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2. Boost his ego
Compliment him when he does something good no matter how small. Let him talk about something he loves too. This will make him associate the feel good vibes with you. If he tells you about an upcoming project, wish him good luck that morning. Trust me, this works magic!
3. Clean up and Smell Good.
Don’t use the whole can, just something small. And please let it smell good and be constant. No surprises! He will associate you with that particular sweet scent and trust me he will be thinking about this later. As for clothes, dress seductively especially when you go out. Think a tight lacy top or that short black skirt that makes his imagination go wild.
4. Talk about your passions
When you talk about something you love, your face glows and trust me you look more attractive at the moment.
5. Be flirty
Be out of reach a little but make it clear to him that you are interested. Don’t overdo it; make sure he knows he’s still got some work to do. Nudge him with your elbow as you talk, touch his forearm; just little ways to touch him. Remember: don’t overdo it. You are trying to show him you are interested while at the same time leaving him longing for your touch. 
Image Source:

6. Have opinions
Suggest a place to go once in a while. Could be a restaurant you like, a movie you are dying to see. It shows you know what you want and not making him call all the shots will be a huge turn on. Don’t be a ‘yes’ girl; always agreeing with whatever he says. Give your opinion and learn to say ‘no’ sometimes. But don’t be rude. 
7. Get to know his friends
I didn’t say hang out with his bro’s every time. No! Make sure that when you meet them you strike conversations with them. A stamp of approval from his friends will be a ticket into his life. This also means you need to get a life too and hang out with your friends. Some time away from each other will make him miss you. It also shows you've got a life and he will accept the challenge to compete with your other interests gladly.
8. Do things that he likes
This will make him know that he can still do things he likes when around you. If you can do it together, the better! Like play a video game with him, you don’t have to be good at it. You can also watch a game with him, even if you are just there to watch the hunk footballers. Concentrate though but don’t spend the entire game asking who that player is and why that was not a goal. 
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Share with us what works for you and what doesn't.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Uncovering The Art Of Seduction

Whether you are experienced in the dating world or just starting out, meeting someone and making an effect creates anxiety. Your hormones are triggered into overdrive but what you do after the trigger is what counts. Some people have no idea what to do next after making first contact with the opposite sex. But there are some pros that have no time to waste once the initial contact is made.
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In different cultures, seduction stands for different things and it means different things to different people.  To some people, seduction inspires images of emotional intimacy and love and creates a general feeling of excitement, sexual desire and sensuality. Others don’t like the idea of seducing since it creates a fear of being victimized, deceived and sexually harassed. They believe that the one seducing is not acting out of love but out of another motive. The art of seduction in most societies has been seen to result into hurt, destruction and lots of damages if allowed to be expressed freely. It’s generally viewed as a way of tricking someone into believing nonsense to be reality. 

In today’s society, seduction can be classified with actions like trickery, deception, exploitation, selfishness, pretense or playing with words. But for those who have embraced it, seduction is an amazing thing. Being able to seduce someone and leave them craving for more is viewed as a huge accomplishment and those who can do it without batting an eyelid are celebrated. 

In most cases, seduction has nothing to do with love, it’s about getting something like financial favors or sex using deceit and trickery. Am sure most of us can point out instances where our attempts at seduction have been out of manipulative and selfish desires and not out of love or selflessness. Most people learn the art of seduction right from their childhood. They can get anything from anyone as long as they put their mind into it. But for most of us, we have to learn how to seduce the hard way.

How successful you are at the art of seduction is mostly determined by the value your target puts on you. Like for example, if as a guy you learn how to complement and pay attention to a girl, you make her feel special and boost her ego. Overdo this and she loses interest. 

Am sure you have come across great looking guys or girls who have constant relationship problems. They get dumped and rejected because they do not know how to keep tension live in their relationships. Sometimes they forget that their physical appeal is not enough and that psychological attraction is the key. All in all, you need more than great looks to keep a partner interested! 

That’s why most long term relationships fail. You have great experiences, are loyal and love each other to bits. But this does not last long. Immediately those interests and feelings stop being maintained, people change. 

Have you ever wondered why a hot chick falls for an ugly guy? Why people stick to abusive relationships or why people chase after their exes? “Attraction is not a choice” and we have no ability to decide how to feel about someone. We know when a relationship is bad for us, when it’s destructive and when we are dissatisfied; but we stick with the same relationships no matter what. This is because emotional thinking always trumps rational thinking. 
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The key to the art of seduction is giving a partner a taste of what they want, letting them experience the highs of being with you and then taking it away. You let them feel what it would be like to never have such an experience again. That’s the reason we fall for unstable people. These partners are unpredictable and exciting. They are cold one day and affectionate and passionate the next. If in a relationship with such a person, you are always wondering why things have changed, how to get it back and going berserk thinking about the person. These people leave us wanting more and create lots of tension.
If a guy has problems with the girlfriend, she turns cold and the relationship has a lot of tension. He will announce he is done with her and swear he will get another and bang her. But deep inside, he is craving her attention and can’t think of any other girl but her. In fact, he would turn down a hot chick throwing herself at him in the bar. Lots of evidence is there to show that people often cheat in their relationships when they are content and secure. Attraction levels at that time are low and they are craving some tension their relationship isn’t offering. The highs and lows in a relationship are what keep it going.

The art of seduction is therefore all about maintaining the psychological attractiveness. It has nothing to do with physical attractiveness, wealth or respectability in society.

Do you know what to do after making that first contact?  Are you a pro in the art of seduction?